Plot 197 – Day 1…

I’ve been toying with getting an allotment for about a year now. The back garden whilst an average size simply isn’t big enough to grow everything I want to. Pockets of vegetables fill holes in the flower beds, potato grow bags litter any space with no soil and strawberries grow wherever they like.

Back at the start of September  I noticed an open day at my closest allotment so thought this would be a great opportunity to get on what I thought would be a year long, if not longer waiting list. Several weeks later I was told that early next year I should be the proud owner of a new allotment but much to my surprise it was in fact a lot sooner that I got my hands on the keys to the allotments. I was shown several plots which looked okay, grassed over but nothing too serious, but for some reason my wife and I were drawn to Plot 197.

As you can see from below, the plot is seriously overgrown. The old bloke (may he rest in peace) who owned it previously was unable to give it the loving attention it needed but understandably didn’t want to relinquish it either. And so the journey begins…


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  1. Jerwin says:

    I have been growing my flimay’s own food for quite a few years now. I live on a postage stamp size trailer house lot, and produce 75% of my own food to feed 2 plus 2 elderly parents, and barter produce and herb transplants for my staples.I can, freeze and dehydrate most. I grow herbs, and veggies in very large plastic pots with drainage hole sliced in.It is not hard, just make sure your soil is ammened with good mellow compost or worm castings which is what I use.It is a learning experience, and you will succeed and fail for the first few years, you have to try to see what veggies do good for you. Just keep trying and do not give up. A good web site to follow in the US is the Path to Freedom site, ( This flimay has been urban homesteading for many years and have made it successful but was not done over night.Much success in your adventures!

  2. Laverna says:

    Really liked what you had to say in your post, Plot 197 – Day 1… |, thanks for the good read!
    — Laverna

    • Georgia says:

      A garden spade, fork, rake and trweol. You can get them from any Home Depot or Walmart You need to dig out the turf (grass) the best way is to put the spade in straight down to about 4 5 inches, Do this right along one edge of the area you want to clear. Then do the same again but the width of the spade in. Cross cut the row at about 12 inch intervals. It is like cutting a square cake into equal pieces. Then use the spade just like the cake slice and slice the squares of turf out. Do not throw them away. Stack them upside down in an out of the way corner of your yard and cover them with black polythene. The grass will rot down and you will have some very good topsoil to use in your garden next year.Once you have all the turf out of the way, you will need to dig the area over. Do this with the fork, then rake the area over so there are no big lumps of soil left. Then plant your flowers, taller ones (or a pretty shrub in the middle and smaller ones in the front. To save weeding you can use a decorative bark mulch (from Home Depot or any garden centre) to put found the flowers.I hope you have great fun and a lot of pleasure from your new garden.Good LuckBeulah

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