I’ve been toying with getting an allotment for about a year now. The back garden whilst an average size simply isn’t big enough to grow everything I want to. Pockets of vegetables fill holes in the flower beds, potato grow bags litter any space with no soil and strawberries grow wherever they like.

Back at the start of September  I noticed an open day at my closest allotment so thought this would be a great opportunity to get on what I thought would be a year long, if not longer waiting list. Several weeks later I was told that early next year I should be the proud owner of a new allotment but much to my surprise it was in fact a lot sooner that I got my hands on the keys to the allotments. I was shown several plots which looked okay, grassed over but nothing too serious, but for some reason my wife and I were drawn to Plot 197.

As you can see from below, the plot is seriously overgrown. The old bloke (may he rest in peace) who owned it previously was unable to give it the loving attention it needed but understandably didn’t want to relinquish it either. And so the journey begins…


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